West Clermont Words: Strategic Roadmap

By Natasha L. Adams, Superintendent

In West Clermont we are dedicated to doing what it takes to ensure success for our students academically, socially and emotionally. Studies show that both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are important for student success not only in school but throughout our student’s career and life.

What we do to help students realize academic, social and emotional success matters tremendously. That is why we are making it a priority to engage students, parents, staff and community in the improvement process, which will help identify and guide the type of support our schools need in order to support students throughout their time at West Clermont. It is essentially a roadmap.

In order to provide a roadmap that is embraced and understood by all, we are currently in the process of creating a WCSD Strategic Plan that will incorporate a wealth of information by all district stakeholders. Some key elements so far include:

  • What do our graduates need to be successful in learning and life?
  • Focus groups attended by over 150 people including students, parents, staff and the community
  • District administrators participated in the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats analysis and the Organizational Capacity Analysis
  • Participation from our over 30 business leaders with our Financial Health Update

Common Themes we have heard include:


  1. Teachers are friendly and approachable.
  2. Students are in a safe and respectful environment

Middle School

  1. Teachers are in tune, help students feel welcomed, are friendly and supportive
  2. Wide variety of extracurricular and electives

High School

  1. Teachers are caring, welcoming, supportive and approachable
  2. School spirit and pride is on the rise; sports are fun

Some priorities for change:

  • Higher academic standards
  • Improved engagement with students and parents
  • Need for high expectations that are clear and consistent for all
  • Importance of continued relationship and partnership development with community

Our work with the community has been ongoing and it will continue throughout the summer. In fact, this summer, the strategic planning team, a group of diverse community and district leaders, will continue to review data, synthesize information and begin to create a draft roadmap that will be reviewed by stakeholders and presented to the Board of Education by September.  

Additionally, we will schedule a series of listening & learning sessions that will take place in the summer and early fall. It is our desire to continue to listen across all levels of the organization and to our external partners, with the focus of sharing our story and continuously seeking ways to improve service to students, families and the community.

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  1. The start time for West Clermont Middle School is just too early for our kids! I’ve talked to many parents and I’ve heard stories of the children crying when it was time to wake them up 3 hours before daylight breaks. Another parent I talked to has also had mornings filled with crying and she insists that a big part of her daughter’s academic problems are due to her daughter just being too tired. (The early start time only aggravates an already difficult life managing sleep on ADHD medicines.)

    The Forest Hils School District recently asked the parents and school community for lots of feedback, and they finally listened to the parents and the medical community who have insisted that our kids need a later start time to function at their best at school. All of the sleep studies on this age child indicate that our start time at West Clermont Middle School is simply hurting our children. Would you be willing to make the same changes that our neighboring school district recently implemented to help our middle school-aged students the same way that our neighbors in the Forest Hills Schools have?

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  2. I agree about the start time. Not too sure what logistics caused this, but there needs to be an opt-out or something.


  3. I also agree about the start time being to early for middle school. My child who will be just starting in the middle school is already expressing anxiety in thinking she will have to be getting up at 5:30 am for school.


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